verb : to toke from spliff/rush bottle/bong/bucket/lung. to inhale the smoke from combusting marijuana

Toke. is an adventure into design & creative apparel for the laid back generation.

The company derived from ICameFromNothing, a brand started by Michael, he saw that there was a lack of dedicated fashion for marijuana smokers and therefore decided to step up to the plate and bring out various designs that just appeal to smokers and non smokers alike.

Now TOKE. caters for more than just t-shirts, we’ve expanded since being founded in 2012 and have gone on to produce high quality sweaters, vests, hats, sunglasses, backpacks and even providing custom branded accessories such as lighters and grinders.

With over 15,000 TOKE. has grown into a Globally-recognised brand, however we rely on word of mouth in order to spread our creations with others, meanwhile we appreciate everyone who supports us, without you guys we wouldn’t be here today, nor be able to progress as a company, so a massive thank you from all the staff here at TOKE. we hope to keep you satisfied with our work.

Enjoy our FRESH clothing…

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  1. icamefromnothing


    for shipping info & time etc

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